Monday, April 25, 2011

Lovin' Family Time At Easter

747. how the yearly family photo changes-heights are obviously different but the cooperation is also noticably better :)
748. two fantastic brothers-in-law
749. swift little legs that run to beat all the cousins to the eggs (Go, Ben!)
750. the grandkids photo with Mama and Papa
751. even better: being released from the photo to go hunting for eggs!
752. finding toads instead
753. Papa's photogenic smile
754. hanging out with Daddy for a whole day
755. sorting through a boy-scuffle
756. my handsome guy who I can still catch staring at me and when our eyes meet, I smile sheepishly
757. starting new traditions with sisters and girlfriends who are sisters (catching that one?)
758. the boy who will climb anything... I mean it (Go, Sam!)
759. the swing that has been in our family since I was a teenager
760. the yard-sale wagon that has entertained every grandchild for weekends at Mama and Papa's
761. sisters who laugh in photos when you say, "Laugh." (the only people who can make me "lose it" in laughter till I hurt)
762. the bravery and mentorship to me of this younger sister
763. girly-ness to the maximum (don't make this kid wear pants just because it's a cold day!)
764. my only one who will actually gobble up all the eggs she finds
765. how he went back to that tree over and over like it was an "egg tree" and would just somehow grow eggs
766. the joy of a prize won and cousins to share it with (Jake's remote truck) 767. this woman who made the whole day memorable for all of us


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Heather, your little guys tie is adorable and omg, I'm just being overwhelmed with wonderful memories at the sight of those frilly socks!!!!

Do you have any brothers or just the two sisters??? I'm the oldest of two sisters (which is probably why the picture of your girls frilly socks brought back such wonderful memories.)

And oh, I just love that feeling my husband still gives me too...

Camille said...

*Loved* the whole list Heather! AND the wonderful! I think you capture it all so well. Your family is very beautiful...yes, even Oliver. ;-)


gabe said...

loved the one of the little guy running. .. classic boy!

Great list and fabulous photos!

Anna said...

GREAT pictures! I love your cheery list. What a beautiful family/ extended family you have! Nice frog!!!

Lisa T said...

Stopping by from Ann's. Great list and I love the pics!