Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Boy's Prayer

"Dear Lord, Thanks for us... and here's our names: Meghan, Molly, Emily and Oliver and Mommy and Daddy." 

It's simple and it's sweet but I know that I should tell him that God already knows his name. I should probably let this precious boy know that his name is actually written on God's hand and that He knows how many hairs are on my son's head. But he snuggles under the sheets and he closes his eyes. He's my child who is asleep in a minute after the light is out. And so I kiss his soft forehead and remind myself to teach him tomorrow that our great God is thinking about a little boy, all cuddled up in bed, toy cars lined up along his room, Finnegan (his stuffed dog) tucked tightly between his arms, with his Mommy beside him (Psalm 139:17).

I slip into the living room and ponder such profound thoughts. 
Perhaps the Lord wanted me to remember these promises tonight.


Meghan said...

His beautiful prayers. He thanks every night for his cars. Like in last post, "I am blessed with 24 cars!"

Happy Wednesday!
Meghan <3 <><

jeana said...

How lovely. You let me see the gentleness in your love for him. What a wonderful post to make me stop and reflect on all these little boys around here and what God wants to teach them....and us!

nic said...

and me too, i think: i needed this reassurance, this reminder in the middle of tonight's weariness. you're a gift.

Sarah* said...

Yes, we probably should explain the details at some point, but I for one am going to miss these little prayers when they grow in their own Spiritual walk and their prayers develop accordingly. I love hearing Samuel's little voice say it how it is to him at this small age - even if he constantly thanks God for every family member, and then himself!

The Maretzki Family said...

"Thanks for us...." That's so cute.

Camille said...

Yes, indeed my friend...HE does!

Love to you!