Monday, October 17, 2011

Money Management For Kids

It was the first week of school and instead of cracking open the math books, we learned about money through games and recognition practice, counting and ultimately, purchasing at our "store".
 During our school time, Oliver is quite into his learning but often wanders over to more important matters :)
 money cans 
 Everyone had a turn being cashier.
 They could not purchase an item unless they counted the correct amount (and the older ones had to know what change they'd get back).
1025. ways of doing math that I wish I had been taught!
1026. visiting with extended family at my cousin's bridal shower (Hi Karen!)
1027. Missions Sunday and how he was brave enough to stay on stage this time
1028. how she dances and lights up the stage
1029. two silly and excited girls giggling with their friends before the performance
1030. for all of our missionaries, particularly CityKidz and all they're doing right here
1031. medical staff who fly to other countries to give of themselves for those in need (You know who you are! God bless you!)
1032. sampling flavours from around the world after our service in celebration of the many countries represented at our church
1033. a brand new week ahead
1034. our fabulous neighbours/friends who are currently preparing to move to another province this morning... we love you and will miss you tremendously XO


Anna said...

Hey, can I buy some of those smarties when I come over?! What a great learning experience. Sounds like you had a very good weekend.

jeana said...

OH this is soo much fun! What a great way to learn. LOVING the general store =]

I nominated you (on my blog) for the Liebster Blog Award! You deserve it my beautiful friend!

Liz @ said...

i am bouncing over from jeana's blog. oh, my goodness... this looks like such a blast. i am in my first year of homeschooling and i love it, but i must say that i am nervous and anxious about the years to come. :) thank you for sharing your fun money learning.