Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Makings Of Laundry Love

No, there was nothing wrong with my washing machine. I read this book, recommended by my sister, and the next day I packed up Laundry Mountain and my children, and headed to the town laundromat. And when I find a good book that inspires me, I do whatever it tells me to.
I had the best help I could possibly ask for as they ran from machine to machine, slipping in coins, changing loads and wheeling the laundry cart around the room.
Complete with a kids' play area and space for drawing and hanging out, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay (escpecially my little photographer daughter). Since folding laundry is actually at the top of my list of household chores, I savoured this time, pressing smooth the sheets and lining up square piles that might otherwise have been quickly corrugated in a haphazard conglomeration. I never did sit even once that day as I raced from van trunk to machine, dragging garbage bags, running home for forgotten fabric softener, switching loads, and then doing it all over again. Just as the book suggested, I set aside a "goodwill bag" and I found my groove with the faint sound of the radio amidst white noise of washers and dryers. With Downy filling my nostrils, I sang along and no one even heard me :)
Yes, we monopolized a whole row of machines :)
Six hours and eight loads later (I know, I know), the tiny, Asian owner, who had kindly guided me along the way, turned off her office lights. I began to panic and collect our last bags when she calmly assured me that the laundromat would stay open long after her work was done. I'm learning :) But the last half of an hour met with the challenge of antsy and hungry-for-supper children. I was proud of them for lasting this long so I rallied the troops to load the van with promises of pizza. They swiftly obliged.
On the way home, we dropped off the large accumulation I had set aside for the goodwill store and I sighed a satisfying sigh at a job well done. I'm thankful for a working washer and dryer but I could get used to this little escape.

Now...  to put it all away.

1001. how easy it is to be grateful beyond 1000
1002. for laundry--yes, praising for laundry!
1003. our homeschool group of amazing mommas and all of our kiddos who have a blast together
1004. studying Native Canadians--I'M learning so much! :)
1005. the way my little girl snuggles in with me each morning
1006. how when I peered over the edge of the bed this morning, I found a sick little boy lying on the floor, who said he was praying for himself (when I wasn't awake yet, he knew Who was)
1007. how she felt like everyone was looking at her new pierced ears and loving them as much as she does
1008. pictures from the Lord (in quiet time) that come with answers that make sense for my life
1008. our new homeschool science group
1009. finding yummy alternatives to favourite unhealthy snacks
1010. patterned tights on little girls


jeana said...

What a wonderful time you guys had! I love how it offers you a chance for focus and time. I've been wanting to read that book, I think now you've convinced me. =]

The Carmodys said...

Oh looks like fun. Funny how I think a "large family" is one with at least 10 kids. But I guess I got my own large family going on here too! I just put the book on hold at the library - looks good. Thanks for the recommendation.


Sarah* said...

Love it! While a part of me dreads ever HAVING to use it again since Mathew and I spent a whole lot of time at the laundrymat when we were first married, I also cherish those memories and the ways we made the task fun! And I'm sure if I brought my boys, they would find it a neat experience too!

Meghan said...

Love all that graditude!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Looks like everyone had a fun afternoon... and so much accomplished! 1000 and beyond! How wonderful! What a sweet little heart your boy has. Praying like that... aww!

The Maretzki Family said...

Great list! Looks like fun. :)

Camille said...

What a FUN Mom you are Heather! I *loved* all the photos...what a great way to spend a day!