Friday, January 20, 2012

Beauty In The Mundane

Two giggling in the tub, one constructing instruments with rubber bands and recyclables, one preparing to leave for ballet. Happy noise fills my home. I am blessed beyond measure. Life is not perfect in this household but I am learning to focus on the charm in every little thing, the beauty in the mundane. Gratitude results in joy. I am filled to overflowing with joy these days. I'm getting it.

Catching up on Monday's Gratitude:
1081. remote-controlled jeeps and helicopters that keep my husband and son thrilled
1082. :)
1083. friends who show up for Coffee Break at church
1084. homeschool group at Coffee Break for our kids
1085. Kay Arthur/Beth Moore/Priscilla Shrier study at Coffee Break
1086. almost 100% sugar free (week 2!)
1087. kamut bread--mmmmm!
1088. filling all 22 spaces for our upcoming retreat and more women still asking about it
1089. snow, finally! it just shouldn't be freezing cold without snow :)
1090. Clean Cinnamon Cookies--my new thing to keep me from chocolate
1091. that a third just joined the other two in the tub, with a whole basket of toys
1092. our wonderfully amazing French teacher (thanks, Anna!)
1093. Lincoln Logs
1094. flannel graph story figures
1095. how my mom-in-law and I always look at each other and laugh when she begins playing, "Thank You, Lord For This Fine Day" on the piano at Friendship Club


Brandee Shafer said...

It's a good list. I'm interested in going sugar-free, myself. Nervous about it, though.

Heather said...

Brandee, I've tried to go sugar-free before and it didn't work. I have some good replacement snacks this time and that is helping sooo much! For instance, Clean Cinnamon Cookies:
1/2c. raw honey
1/2c. melted butter
1/4c. melted coconut oil
3tbs. water
2tsp. vanilla (I add more)
2 1/4c. spelt flour
1tsp. baking soda
2tbs. cinnamon (I add more :)
1c. semi-sweet chocolate chips (unless going sugar-free)

Mix all wet first.
Drop on sheet with mini-ice cream scoop or melon-baller (I use my rounded tablespoon).
Oven on 375 for 8-10 minutes.

If you like cinnamon, you'll love these as an alternative.


Heather said...

Also, I grab still in their shell pistachios as a quick fix.

jeana said...

Wow, the cookies sound wonderful! GREAT job Heather, I have fallen away from healthy eating this week....maybe because I've had such a stressful week, but getting back to it now! So thrilled to see your joy!


Traci Michele said...

beautiful. what is kumut bread?????

Love, Traci

Meghan said...

A joyful heart is a beautiful one!

Camille said...

#1086...way to go!!! I will NOT discourage or tempt you. ;-) I think you are doing great.

And...the header photo/collage is lovely Heather.

Have a great week!

Heather said...

Traci: Kamut is an ancient grain, like spelt. I only use spelt and kamut now--much better for you than wheat (even whole wheat or multigrain) and it tastes the same depending on what you bake it in--pizza dough, spaghetti, bread, muffins, etc. My kids can't tell the difference. The kamut actually looks like white bread (where I get it anyway).

Camille: Thanks for the encouragement! I had no desire for a piece of Emily's birthday cake, which is a miracle for me :)
Did you see the cookie recipe above?

Anna said...

De rien!
I too am loving the snow! Is there such thing, even as mundane? I don't know. Great list and a great reminder to focus on the charm in every little thing.