Thursday, January 12, 2012

Of Meniscus And Mischief

The meniscus bubble sat close to overflow and my two older girls' eyes were like saucers as they crouched low to see. Unless we investigate life and God's laws of science, we can miss so much. They felt as if they had just become privy to a miracle--and it is--all of His creation, physical and biological and spiritual. As most children do, these two gobble up all things "hands-on" but when their little siblings arrived in the kitchen, begging to be a part of the fun, well, things took a different turn. Suddenly, my kitchen floor was a small flood and soap was everywhere... but, that was part of their investigation :)

So, even if things get a little mischievous, and my response may seem as though the Caledonia dam has burst through, I know my mind's file is storing up these memories as positive ones. May we, as parents, always view our children through future eyes that look back and miss these growing up and experimental days.


Anonymous said...

This experiment looks very familiar. We did something similar last week but using paperclips one by one to see how many it would take to see the bubble and then overflow. Fun. Messy, but fun! Looks like you have been having a great school year!
I also believe I fixed the problem you were talking about ;o)

~Sydney Ellen~ said...

Science experiments are awesome!

Camille said...

Beautiful photos. Wonderful post.

I need to *do* more Science with my children! :)

God's World is AMAZING! Spread the awe.


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

loved the reminder to cherish the beautiful mess, knowing that we'll miss it all too soon.