Monday, January 9, 2012


We curled up with tea in the living room anticipating Mom's arrival. It was a late birthday surprise--a brunch with the sisters (and in-laws) and we were especially thankful our sister, who is fighting cancer, was well enough to join us. Our personalities are all so very different and yet we love one another fiercely.
We talked and laughed and ate more than we do in our own homes. Linda light-heartedly talked of needing a wig soon and she made us all stronger with her own strength. I silently prayed as I sat next to her at the table, thanking God for her life and the way she keeps us all laughing, no matter what the topic or where she is on her journey. One woman can walk through a fire and actually pass God's peace and hope onto others by her attitude. I learn from her heart whenever I'm in her presence.


1071. Linda's life and God's strength in her
1072. in-laws and the richness they bring my life
1073. coming out of the fog of family "sickies" (a month of colds and flu)
1074. kids who care about the homeless
1075. beginning school again
1076. life without sugar (I think :)
1077. snow... but the lack thereof so far :)
1078. fun in helping prepare for a women's retreat
1079. a bride and groom who cried during their ceremony
1080. how they rally around and pray when times get tough


Mari said...

Followed your link from Ann' favorite on your list? "Kids who care about the homeless". How great is that!

Anna said...

We'll continue to keep Linda in our prayers. Glad you guys are all finally getting better.

jeana said...

Praying for Linda and you all. Lovely list this morning, and what a blessing to have close sisters and (in laws)!

Amy said...

Isn't it great to have wonderful in-laws. Thanks for the reminder. Jumped over from Ann's 1000 gifts.

Camille said...

Lovely list my friend. :) Hmmm....sugar-less New Year? My plan is to allow myself a once a week least for the next four months...join me? I don't think I can go sugar-less completely. :(

Happy New Year to my Canadian friend!


P.S. Beautiful header photos. :)