Saturday, January 7, 2012

If You Give A Mom A Cookie

It was the smell that had me at the door. I knew in a moment my New Year's Resolution to avoid sugar as much as possible was going to be checked at the door with my jacket.

We were a motley crew struggling to push arms into lab coats buttoning each other up, piling winter coats in the office and snapping on elasticized hair nets. We laughed at the sight of ourselves and followed our tour guides
into Voortman cookie factory... the largest around (shipping all over the world and the first in North America to make trans-fat free cookies--just sayin'). Since the Voortmans attend my in-laws' church, we had the privilege of treading where tours no longer tread.
Thanks, Lisa, Rob, and Mr. Voortman for your hospitality and patience with our large family. And thanks for the big box of sample cookies that we've been able to share with many friends... not to mention, I've eaten more than my share. Sadly, if you give a mom a cookie, she's going to want a whole lot more.


jeana said...

Haha! I know the feeling! I made PW's sheet cake for a party and brought the rest home...sadly I was left alone with it lastnight...
Looks like a fabulous place!

~Sydney Ellen~ said...

Wow...looks yummy. :)

I make Pioneer Woman's sheet cake so much that I have it memorized. In fact, I made it yesterday! ;)

Camille said...

FUN!!! What a great experience!

LOL! Yup...I can relate to the last part of this post..."she's going to want a whole lot more"! Only for's Purdy's Chocolates. Thankfully they are expensive and only come around twice per year. :)

Love to you!