Monday, January 30, 2012

Parties Are A Way Of Life Here

It seems that we can come up with a party for anything. Yes, this is Emily's birthday, but we're always looking for a way to celebrate life. Where there's a party, there are good friends. Where there's a party, there is cake. Where there's a party, there is laughter and joy. Next party: Valentines. See you there :)

1096. party friends
1097. little girl shyness when giving gifts, then joy when it's received well
1098. pin the tail on the donkey
1099. The Mission Of Motherhood book by Sally Clarkson
1100. The Heavens Declare CD from
1101. Sara Groves--Invisible Empires
1102. an unforgettable weekend with 22 friends
1103. hearing the unmistakable voice of God
1104. inspirations found, realizations received and decisions made on the retreat
1105. sobbing from my two youngest over my cell when I called from the drive home ("I mmmisssss you, Moooommmmy, sooo, sniff, muuuuch")
1106. a husband who listened to me chatter on about my weekend
1107. the many emails from friends who messaged just to say what a great time they had
1108. the potential of more sweet times and retreats ahead
1109. soaking in the presence of the Maker of the universe


Amy said...

Love the birthday cake!! #1103 - love when He speaks and we listen. Thanks for sharing

Traci Michele said...

so sweet!

Camille said...

Sweetness! I *love* that one-tooth-missing smile on your precious birthday girl. :)

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Aww... Happy birthday, sweetie! Love the idea to look for a way to celebrate life!

Caroline said...

Happy birthday!! Checkout my blog?