Friday, May 11, 2012

Music To My Ears

He'd watched his three sisters perform in their piano recital for a few years now but it was finally his turn. When Mrs. Anger called him up to the large instrument to be the first to play for the audience that afternoon, I wondered how he'd respond. His face left a lasting imprint on my mind as my brave, five year-old boy marched to the front with his music book under his arm, grinning big. He took his time getting settled at the piano--just for show--and his grandpa, who remembered his son's similar confidence, broke the silence. Grandpa sarcastically called out in the quiet room, "Take your time, Oliver." We had a good laugh. Finally, he was ready, but Mrs. Anger had to remind him not to sit on his knees--a trait he inherited from his mom and sisters.
I would love to say his playing took my breath away, but the plunking and pausing was music to my ears in that way only a mother could love. Not surprisingly, a few others paid some big compliments later ;)
Big sisters played beautifully and this past week of incessant practice paid off. The once-monotonous songs stood out like the national anthem at a hockey game--so well-known but touching in the moment.
"Sandman's Lullaby" and "The Swing"--my favourite, from my piano book when I was in grade one!
Proud Daddy
"Take Me Out To The Ballgame" and "Puff The Magic Dragon"
Faithful Grandparents
"My Favourite Things" and "The Village Dance"
I pray these children will always recognize their talents as a gift from their Creator, given for a purpose--to worship and glorify Him and to lead others to His Son. Having a wonderful teacher who believes the same, is a rare blessing. We love you, Beth Anger!


~Sydney Ellen~ said...

Hey, I played Puff the Magic Dragon once, too! Great job, guys. :)

Camille said...

No one played "Hockey Night in Canada"? Maybe next year. LOL! :)

Such precious memories! What a blessing that your children have such a wonderful teacher!

Happy Sunday to you my friend!