Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When we arrived at the skate park Meg reminded me that we hadn't taken her thirteen year-old photo shoot yet and that this was the place she wanted it done. What better location than a big, metal bowl plastered in graffiti? Who better to join her than her cousins who bless her life so abundantly with their spunky personalities? So I lifted my camera again and again to capture the "regular", good fun these kids always have when they're together. And the photos? To celebrate this amazing girl's thirteen years of life.
And as I turn the lens and focus, dropping it round my neck only to laugh hard at their antics, I'm taken with my big girl. She somehow grew up before my busy eyes and I feel like I gave birth to her yesterday. Now we share shoes and jokes and dreams we had the night before but she's still my baby. I can see that toddler in the concentrated look in her face, but also the woman in her dancing eyes. How can both exist at once? I suppose, only in a way a mother can see. I'm thankful the camera stops time, at least for a small moment.
Meg, you're a rare and beautiful girl. You are diligent and funny and so very responsible. I can hardly keep up with your rapid changes but even though they draw me back to memories of your childhood, I appreciate your development into a lovely God's girl (I know you aren't fond of the words, young woman just yet :)
May you always desire to seek Jesus' face in all you do. I love you, my sweet daughter.


Brooke said...

Oh wow. She is gorgeous. I like the pictures!:)

~Sydney Ellen~ said...

Awesome pictures!

I'm so blessed to have you as a friend, Meghan. :) You go, girl!!!


Anna said...

Great pictures! Meghan has some great moves out there!! She truly is a beautiful, young woman (or girl!?!)

Camille said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful girl. What a blessing to have been given such a gift!

Happy 13th Meg!


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

So full of life! Oh what a joy to capture milestones like this...

As I hold my baby daughter today, I find myself looking back and remembering those fun moments with my mom when I was 13 and look forward to those shared moments (and shared shoes) that I will have one day with my own daughter.

Have a wonderful weekend with your new 13 year old daughter. May she continue to grow in the grace of her heavenly Father!

Camille said...

Just stopping in to say *hello* and let you know your recent visits on my blog have been a blessing. It is lovely to *know* you!

Have a wonderful week!