Thursday, May 3, 2012

Discovering Spring And Peace

Bickering resounded in my ears from wake-up time till 2pm. I silently prayed and asked the Lord where I was going wrong in the way I was interacting with my children. Was I giving them too much attention when they tattled? Was I ignoring the root of the problem? Was I not attending to them enough? Was it just their carnal natures and I was off the hook? The only answer I was receiving was a itch to run in the great outdoors and so as soon as the last of the laundry (from that load anyway) was packed into drawers, I ushered my offspring into the van and headed toward the trail.
And in that place where miracles occur in creation each minute, we left attitudes and seemingly justified anger in the vehicle and dashed for the marsh. The voices that were once whining and annoyed now sang with elation as turtles, snakes and butterflies were spotted at every turn.

At dinner time, as my children chattered like busy chipmunks, sharing all about their marshy trail adventure, their Daddy opened the Word. And just as our Heavenly Father often reminds us, our reading tonight was all about being slow to anger. It was then, I received the answer to my questioning prayer this morning: lead them and they will follow.
Lord, receive my confession and make me more like Your Son. And with mercy for another day, I get another chance to walk in grace before my children and demonstrate Jesus to them.


Anna said...

Thank the LORD for grace and that His mercies are new every morning! That is one creepy looking snake.

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Getting out in God's creation has that calming effect on us too. Thank you for sharing your heart. I have often wrestled with those very same questions and how God brought you answers brought tears to my eyes.

I'm looking to Jesus and trying to remain faithful to what he has called me to do...

Camille said...

Beautiful my friend! Just beautiful! (Except the snake...not the snake!) Thank you for sharing your heart Heather. It's lovely to know you. :)