Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommas' Day

Waking up to some loud Petra with jammied--and underwear'd--humans bouncing on my bed--husband included, a tea party with some conversation about how the mocking birds are evasive today, a large circle of lawn chairs and a little dirt biking, homemade Rice Krispie squares (Mom V. said they were for me) and "tiptoeing through the tulips" with my camera--just my kind of Mothers' Day.
Meg decided to try her hand at a photo shoot of her Momma today and besides a Mothers' Day post, what does one do with a string of photos of oneself? :)
Way beyond blessed and worshiping the One from whom it all is given. God bless every woman on this day set apart--especially those single women who are "mommas" and give my babies the attention that only they know how to offer. I love you!


Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I just love your reference to "single women" on Mother's Day. :)

I still haven't forgotten the Valentine's Day post from 2011....and I've shared it with some single friends, too.

sgm said...

i remember this stone wall from a photo schoot you did when I had three!! Such a great spot and you look FAB!!!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Oh, i love the pictures, especially that last one's of you with your children. We didn't get any yesterday and I think we're going to have to fix that sometime this week!