Saturday, December 8, 2012

Animal Friends Of Christmas

Just as they do each year, my children dashed down to our nursery anticipating the animals of Christmas, some face painting and a little hot cider. This time, they met two camels, which took them back in time to the real Christmas story of the visit of the Wise Men. How unique it was to pet the soft, curly fur of those beasts of burden. What an uncomfortable long journey it would have been! 
Contentedly chewing hay.
Getting in close for a good look.
Our friend, Julie, thinks they're pretty fascinating. 
 A face only a mother could love :)
 Reindeer too!
 Meghan and her cousin, Alannah, work in the face-painting department. 
 Emily enjoys a pony ride.
 "Look, Mommy, no hands!"
As they loaded up the animals on that last day, wouldn't you know one of those camels refused to board the trailer home? What a thrilling scene that became for the stragglers who were doing some late shopping. I could only imagine how much effort it took the Wise Men to find the Saviour of the world. How much effort do I use in seeking Him when I have easier access to Him?
Lord, make me more like the Wise Men who sought You at a great price, and in turn, received the privilege of visiting the King!

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jeana said...

Amen! Fabulous pictures as always. I pray your holidays were beautiful and your year is overflowing with God's blessings!