Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Memorable Moments at Christmas

It's a sweet thing to post photos directly after they happen, and the excitement of the recently passed events make hitting that "publish" button carry on the joy. However, as I upload and post these photos weeks later, it causes the memories of big and small moments with our family (and friends whom we've come to call family), to be so much dearer.
Mom V.'s surprise 70th birthday party in the greenhouse (November).
Love you, Mom!
Our fun-loving, Jules, whom we've adopted as part of our family.
My sweet step-mom, Iris
In keeping with the tradition of reading the Night Before Christmas at the family reunion, Aunt Carol captures the attention of our little ones.
A few aunts and uncles (my dad in centre).
Our scrumptious Christmas guests.
Christmas Eve photo
Meg helps Ashanti open her first stocking.
Christmas morning with their "Great-Mama knitted stockings".
Meg and a few cousins.
Martin opens Kevin's yearly trickster gift which takes approximately 45 minutes to unwrap :)
Christmas dinner
Yearly pyjama pic with Grandma and Grandpa.
Piano performances for Mama and Papa. Ben holds a flashlight for Oliver :)
Everyone loves Ashanti.
"Besties"--Meg and Brooke
Four of my favourite people.
My "cousin", Jamie and Melissa's wedding. 
A quick photo of us at the wedding.

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Anna said...

I love all the photos! I love it that the grandkids still get PJ's for Christmas!