Sunday, December 16, 2012

Neighbours In Heaven

She stepped through the front door of her home with expectation and trepidation mingled as another group of loved ones exclaimed, "Surprise!" Tara couldn't believe her husband had pulled it off without her knowing... and after agreeing he wouldn't. However, just as I did for my 40th, she opened her arms again and again, embracing people who had traveled far and wide to honour her that night. Lastly, she came upon another surprise standing at the back of the crowd--singer, Sara Groves!
The shock.
Friend and singer/songwriter, Dan Macaulay performed a couple of his songs and led us in Christmas carols first.
Now, if you know Tara, she's been a fan of the sweet musician, Sara, for a long time and can sing every one of her songs backwards. In fact, Tara has said she and Sara might be neighbours in heaven as they understand each another so much. Of course they'd never spent time together until this night, but Sara had felt like a friend anyway.
Sara sang  several songs for us after a lovely catered dinner. She allowed one request at the end for Tara and she chose "He's Always Been Faithful". Much to Sara's surprise, it was the last song she had already written on her repertoire for the evening. How fun!
Tara's amazing sister-in-law, Karen, who organized much of the evening with Tara's husband, Andrew.
Me, Sara Groves and Tara
Sara explained that she doesn't really do this kind of thing, she mainly sticks to performing in concert. However, when the email from Andrew had come through, Sara's husband's heart went out to him. On September 10th, 2012, he had just thrown a surprise 40th for her and he said, "I know how this guy feels! You HAVE to go!"
So, here are three 40 year old women in a row... possibly, neighbours in heaven :)
Personally, I think it's pretty spectacular that Sara Groves has finally hung out with the precious and godly, Tara Root... just sayin'.

Andrew and Terry
Terry and I thought we'd make a weekend of the trip so the next day we walked through NYC. We came upon this zealous Salvation Army man. He was dancing vigorously and ringing his bell to Christmas music that blasted from his CD player. He was attracting so many people who were happy to give money to someone who seemed to be thrilled it was Christmas :)

I just love that there are still shoe-shiners in the world :)

Times Square--excellent costume!

And... the real thing... as we whipped by on the highway!
Praise God for freedom!

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