Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bring The Box

Molly smiled and breathed in deeply. She whispered to me, "Bring the box."

I grinned at her satisfied expression and asked what she meant. She nonchalantly bent down and picked up a small stone. "When I really like a place and its smell, I want to catch it all in a box." She held up the stone and examined it. I pondered that one for a moment. Yes, there are many places where I'd like to "box up" the deliciousness my senses are taking in. In a way, my camera does that for me, and it was delightful to hear my quiet girl absorbing her surroundings with appreciation.

A few days later, as we strolled the aisles of our favourite thrift store, Molly grabbed the cart, leaned over and whispered again, "Leave the box." as she covered her nose and scowled. I laughed out loud and I understood this time.

"Okay," I replied, "let's not box up this smell, but perhaps we'll box up a few items to take home?"
We chuckled together and I knew we had a new inside joke between us for future sensational experiences.

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jeana said...

HA! That's too funny! How sweet it is that such a small moment could turn into such bonding.