Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rockin' Royal Christmas

Herod (a.k.a. my husband) is on the throne and he is proud of that fact!

Choir boys watch with concern.

 He is a cruel and selfish king.
Three Wise Men tell him they are searching for a baby who will become King, according to the prophesies in the Holy Scriptures.

Herod pretends to want to worship the baby too.

The children sing about Herod's temper.

Herod wants those Wise men brought back to him. Sherlock takes the case of figuring this whole baby King thing out.
Angels announce His birth...
... and dance for the Saviour of the world.
More children sing and recite Scripture.
A beautiful angel sings a song for her first time :)
She and her partner do a sweet job.
A little lamb is getting tired up on the stage.
King Herod is getting impatient.
Children are excited to perfrom their part of the special night.
Another singer.
More Scripture by a sweet choir member :)
A proud girl says her lines.
More Scripture recitation.
The baby is finally born! The King has come! (And a distracted lamb looks for something else to do.)

Shepherds rejoice and break out in dance!
A lamb tries to sing through his sleepiness.
The shepherds are elated to be the first ones told about Jesus!

With a little help, Sherlock decides the story is true and that Jesus is the real King.
Herod is furious!
Our choir director is happy.

And a small lamb is ready for the show to end so he can turn back into a little boy and snuggle up in bed.


Anna said...

Are those his real locks??!! Hope you had a great Christmas holiday.

Nizar & Ema said...

Great Night with Great Kids
Love you all.
Thanks Heather and have a blessed healthy year :)

Karen said...

Hey, great job everyone! We did the same program at our church this year. So fun. Nice to be a proud mama watching her family all play a part eh? Love it!

Katie said...

So sweet. You got some great pictures of our proud little princess! Thanks for sharing :)