Wednesday, May 30, 2012

She's 40

I arrived at Annie's home as a surprise from her husband. He was sending the two of us to a fancy place for the morning, complete with pedicures, facials and massages. We had a lovely lunch on the porch while my friend of nineteen years opened forty gifts from me (sorry, Annie!). It was so beyond what either of us desire, but when her husband is in charge of the party, he goes all out!
And as we lolly-gagged back to the parking lot, we both had a good laugh at what was "book-ending" her Chevette :)
Happy 40th, "Nellie"! May you always hear the Lord's voice clearly as He guides you over the next 40! (We'll roller-blade when we're 80 :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Come To The Carnival

She couldn't contain herself. She'd been counting down for weeks when the day of her party finally arrived and her giggles spilled over like the bubblebath I bought her. Her friends and cousins numbered ten--just the number she turned (plus one little brother). I threw a carnival together that morning and she and the other kids spent the afternoon running from activity to activity earning tickets (cooperatively) for their goodie bag items.
Wet Sponge Toss
Emily--Ticket Master :)
Clothespin Drop
Ping-Pong Squirt
Things got a little wet :)
Searching for buried treasure.
Nursery visit to search for particular staff (who have tickets hidden in their pockets!).
Found you, Aunt Leanne!
Found you, Cousin Nicole!
Found you, Cousin Kaitlyn!
Best Girls :)

Happy Birthday, my lovely little lady! You are a gentle, precious soul and Daddy and I love you very much.
May God bless you abundantly as you serve Him daily.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When we arrived at the skate park Meg reminded me that we hadn't taken her thirteen year-old photo shoot yet and that this was the place she wanted it done. What better location than a big, metal bowl plastered in graffiti? Who better to join her than her cousins who bless her life so abundantly with their spunky personalities? So I lifted my camera again and again to capture the "regular", good fun these kids always have when they're together. And the photos? To celebrate this amazing girl's thirteen years of life.
And as I turn the lens and focus, dropping it round my neck only to laugh hard at their antics, I'm taken with my big girl. She somehow grew up before my busy eyes and I feel like I gave birth to her yesterday. Now we share shoes and jokes and dreams we had the night before but she's still my baby. I can see that toddler in the concentrated look in her face, but also the woman in her dancing eyes. How can both exist at once? I suppose, only in a way a mother can see. I'm thankful the camera stops time, at least for a small moment.
Meg, you're a rare and beautiful girl. You are diligent and funny and so very responsible. I can hardly keep up with your rapid changes but even though they draw me back to memories of your childhood, I appreciate your development into a lovely God's girl (I know you aren't fond of the words, young woman just yet :)
May you always desire to seek Jesus' face in all you do. I love you, my sweet daughter.

My Surprise

Thanks, Meg, for making me a new header without me knowing! Wow, lovely :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Marriage Without Obstacles

He didn't call to say he was going to be late.

She's been saying she has a headache again.

He won't lead spiritually.

She is nagging about everything.

Does your marriage have obstacles? Do you pray for unity and peace only to encounter more selfishness and pride in your relationship? Do you wish your marriage was more Christ-like? Here is the story of a couple who is an example of the purest form of love in a marriage--a marriage with major obstacles, but one in which Christ's love is being demonstrated in greater ways than you can imagine. Perhaps their journey will inspire us to greater heights of selflessness in our homes.

Click here to watch the beautiful story of Ian and Larissa...


1199. a restored marriage
1200. God moments with unbelievers
1201. knowing Holy Spirit is doing all the work--I need to be a willing and obedient vessel (phew!)
1202. a ballet teacher who always drives Meg home
1203. walnuts--new found love
1204. hotel excitement--here we go, Anna!
1205. Molly's ILS class and hanging out with her cousins
1206. the completion of a few extra-curricular activities (is it that time already?)
1207. fresh, clean sheets
1208. empty kitchen counters
1209. homeschool work back downstairs--ahhh :)
1210. friends in massage therapy
1211. minimal pain from car accident
1212. longer days with sunshine till after bedtime
1213. smell of the outdoors on their skin
1214. boys and bumper cars on the deck
1215. new friendships and open doors

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommas' Day

Waking up to some loud Petra with jammied--and underwear'd--humans bouncing on my bed--husband included, a tea party with some conversation about how the mocking birds are evasive today, a large circle of lawn chairs and a little dirt biking, homemade Rice Krispie squares (Mom V. said they were for me) and "tiptoeing through the tulips" with my camera--just my kind of Mothers' Day.
Meg decided to try her hand at a photo shoot of her Momma today and besides a Mothers' Day post, what does one do with a string of photos of oneself? :)
Way beyond blessed and worshiping the One from whom it all is given. God bless every woman on this day set apart--especially those single women who are "mommas" and give my babies the attention that only they know how to offer. I love you!