Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dump and Thaw

My jammied children stand with mouths agape at the white wall that's blustered into our front yard. A blizzard has swept across where our street was once visible and it sends a wild pulse through the veins of these kiddos. Suddenly, there's chatter of snowmen and fort-building and tobogganing again. It's going to be a good one, after the wind settles down--a fine dumping after that disappointing thaw.
But, it's not long before a pseudo-spring blanket of warmth falls upon our little town and our once-lost sled peeks out from a saturated, grassy carpet. Nevertheless, my innovative children attempt (with gusto) the same activities with or without the smow.
Surely, there's more winter to be experienced!
And so we wait...


Camille said...

And we, on the other side of this great land, have hardly had a winter at all!! No *real* snow to speak of...and, yes, it can still come...I am fully aware of that!! Today was almost balmy out! My nieces were in shorts and even dipped their toes in the Pacific!!! :)

I so enjoy your photos my friend. You surely do capture LIFE and all the joys it provides through the eyes of your young ones. What a wonderful thing it is!

Love to you!

Karen said...

Oh we're waiting right along with you! Bring on the snow!!! I love the joy on the faces of the kids playing in the snow. So fun! It just isn't winter without it.


Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

ohhhh, you make me want to make a trip up north. My poor kids don't even know what a toboggan is and have NEVER been sledding... It looks absolutely delightful.