Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frozen Bubbles!

We took our summer activity to a whole new level by blowing bubbles in freezing temperatures! It was -7 degrees Celsius yesterday and so our bubbles froze within seconds. The trick was to catch them on the wand before they floated to the ground.
We learned that blowing warm air into the bubble creates and almost perfect sphere. Once that air begins to cool, its volume will diminish and the frozen bubble will slightly collapse. We loved blowing hard at this point and watching them shatter like glass!
 I'm not a fan of freezing temperatures but this fun experiment excites me for even colder weather so we can witness the bubbles freezing in mid-air and crashing to the ground with their own weight!
You know you're a homeschool mom when... :)


~Sydney Ellen~ said...

that is SO COOL! gonna have to try that sometime. :)

Esther Hounsell said...

How fun, great ideas, love the photos.