Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family Skating Day and Night

If you build it, we will come :)
The family calls and we lug skates and bundly winter things to their rinks. We tie up laces, glide and fall, sip hot chocolate and laugh ourselves silly. This is the stuff lasting memories are made of and I'm taking photos and pondering them in my heart.
(Daytime skating with cousins)
Nighttime skating with more cousins!
Later, getting cozy in front of the game and texting rival-team friends to brag about the Toronto Maple Leafs' win.


jeana said...

I would love to do this some day! What fun. That night time picture is amazing!

Camille said...

Beautiful photos of wonderful times!! How blessed you are my friend!! We do not have many opportunities for outdoor skating in these here parts. My hubby would be jealous! Go Canucks! LOL...just had to put that in there. :0