Friday, February 22, 2013

My Valentine

He entered the front door and held out this big bunch of mini-carnations to me. The colours were so different than the typical bouquets he'd given in the past that it was a delicious change. I love carnations because they last SO long. Roses and other flowers are stunning but I can only enjoy their beauty for a few days before they begin to wilt.
We slid into the booth at Montana's that evening. It's not our favourite restaurant, but we were in the mood for our Kapow Shrimp and that's exactly what we ordered. Terry and I have similar tastes in food and so we often order dishes we can share. Our Valentine's shrimp was perfect :)

We talked of our regular items and shared some secret things we're considering and when the server offered us coffee and dessert, we declined. We have a routine. We like to go home, make tea and stoke the fireplace. It was a perfect evening with my Valentine.

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Andrew + Stephanie said...

This is such a beautiful post! I LOVE valentine's day! :)