Sunday, February 9, 2014

Little Us

Grade One Terry
 Grade One Heather
We always wonder how many times we crossed paths as children. Living in adjacent cities, knowing some of the same families, my parents shopping now and then at his family nursery... it's possible. I'd love to watch a fast-forwarded video of our lives to see if we ever had a "moment" in passing before officially meeting in grade eleven.


1540. my Valentine and how the Lord knew waaaay back then that we'd wound each other but love each other fiercely and how He'd redeem it all with His love

1541. how He saved my love letters in his cheque book for years

1542. how He smothers our kids with affection

1543. how He's always told me I'm beautiful and He loves me

1544. the way his eyebrow quivers when he's not sure what to say

1545. how we all swaddled him with our arms when he returned from Holland last week

1546. how he raves about my cooking

1547. they way he has kept our date night consistent since we were 18!

1548. how he loves teaching math to our kids and how they perch on the arm of his chair for the lesson

1549. the way he precisely plows our driveway

1550. how he brings home flowering plants for our kitchen table

1551. his involvement in our church

1552. how he asks me what matches on Sundays or when he's going on a trip

1553. his heart for men trapped in the junk that ruin families

1554. when he prays for me and with me

I love you, my Valentine. Be mine for 60 more? XO  


elizabeth said...

This is so lovely! I'm so glad I came here from Ann's.

Anna said...

Beautiful!!! You guys are a testament of God's love and faithfulness.