Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Kids crunch and slide and skiff on snow,
Scream and squawk and slip below
Escarpment's crust.
I listen for the blue jay's cry,
Woodpecker's scarlet I squint to spy,
But they unconsciously disrupt.
I raise my specs toward limb and branch,
"Caw" and powdery dust, evidence,
But it's gone with a squeal from behind.
I spin around, retreat in loss.
Forthcoming days birds and I will cross 
Quiet paths, when children mind.
Disappointed in my lack of treasure,
But by what standard had I measured
That which brings delight?
With laughter and breathless wonder
Children clomp heavy to their mother,
Who embraces richest prize!
By: Heather Vanderkruk
I don't know what I'm thinking when I take those kiddos birding with me. What I do know is that at the end of every noisy, frustrating, bird-less hike, I learn what my real prize is... them :) 


Camille said...

Yes. Truly. XO

sgm said...

oh I so get what you are saying! But look at what you did! Think of the memory - there will always be another type of bird.... your kids will remember, perhaps with laughter one day, that you tried to actually find beautiful birds while they played like crazy in the landscape like Narnia!

I love how you seek adventure! We will never regret this!!!