Sunday, February 16, 2014

Presenting... Kids At Work

These are the days that inspire our children to achieve a higher standard and these are the days the mommas realize they are not alone in this home educating adventure. We gather every couple of months to present whatever they are working on and preschoolers to highschoolers listen intently to each bold demonstration and every quiet appearance. When these kids know this day is approaching, they work just a little bit harder so they can show off what they've learned. (excuse the phone pics)
Katie shows her alphabet work and we all sing 5 Little Monkeys with her. 
 Sara's project on whales was detailed and lovely.
 Oliver introduced himself like a professional and told how each of his winter art pieces were made. 
 Maysie read her book report on her favourite book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and held up props to help us remember. 
 Emily also showed her art, focusing on slightly different areas than Oliver.
 Eden opened up Magellan's suitcase from his voyage and she read from the perspective of a slave on the ship.
 Each piece was significant to the voyage.
 Emma Grace shared her fox chalk drawing.
 She confidently talked about how she created it and a homemade chalkboard too.
 Calvin read his research report on Hiroshima and told us of the true story of Sadako
 Samantha asked us questions about elephants then told us what she had learned about them. 
 Molly shared her beautiful winter art too.
 Auntie Lisa, Olivia and Mama came to be a part of our presentations. 
 Jack made a stop-motion movie with Lego people and told us how stop-motion is made.
 Caleb showed us the beginnings of his Tudor house from his Renaissance unit.
 Chris is making a mock company on cross-fit training. He showed a video of a Christian Olympian performing.  
 Brooke shared her Shakespeare section of her Renaissance unit...
 and the detailed Globe Theatre she designed to go with it. 
Jake had a book of drawings that were his renditions of Da Vinci's.
He did a great job.
 Jillian proudly held up her fox chalk drawing. 
 Some of our crew :)
Enjoying the presentations
I'm so grateful for these families who parent and teach intentionally and spur me on to be a better mom and home educator.

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sgm said...

Oh wow when I see all the pictures of the presentations I am in awe again that we have this precious group that inspires me like crazy!
My turn in April!!!!

Thank for hosting. My kids were all smiles!!!! From cupcakes to hanging out - the laughter was contagious...