Monday, February 3, 2014

Where Does Milk Comes From?

They called my children, "City-folk" and I had to laugh. But even if we don't live in the country, we're the most farm-interested, city-family around. We had an unexpected visit to our friends' dairy farm a couple of weeks ago with a little lesson on where milk comes from. That was all it took for the barrage of questions on the way home. I'd better do some research now :)
1523. how that little calf sucked like Caleb was her momma
1524. having someone just your size who also can't look over the barn door without a lift
1525. for cows and all that they give us!
1526. cow whisperer (hmmm... just like the horses)
1527. how he stood there staring at those gentle beasts
1528. orphaned Dolly, and how she followed those kids around
1529. how I almost missed this one (love the camouflage)
1530. how she reminded me of Mary's little lamb
1531. the way this calf stole my heart--isn't it lovely?
1532. that sound, oh that mournful sound!
1533. friends and how they hit it off with her right away
1534. for this little one who's a farm girl through and through
1535. more new friends
1536. how they waddled around as we toured
1537. the way this stuff gets her excited!
1538. how she let them experience the milking machine
1539. and how she went straight from explaining Shakespeare to them to teaching them about farming (versatile much?)
I asked Oliver if he remembered what we learned at the dairy farm that day. Since it was a couple of weeks ago, I was hoping the three photos above would jog his memory. They did... kind of :)
"Those are cow suckers. They go on the cow and suck out the milk." (He gets down on all fours and demonstrates, only where he's placing the invisible "cow suckers" is not on the "udder".) "It hurts them a little. Then it gets sucked up through those pipes and gets put in that big container and then the people come and get it and take it to the store. Then people buy it and drink it."

Thanks to our friends for the great tour!


sgm said...

trips are such a lasting memory! I think I need a trip many places to visit! Which one to pick - you in?

Kelly Hallahan said...

sweet learning experience! and lovely gratitude! blessings to you and your family!

Stacey Thacker said...

What a fun day! These are the best! Dropping in from Ann's today!

zara may said...

I love your blog

Renee said...

I love how you see the gifts in your visit to the farm...Sometimes I see only the big gifts and need to open the eyes of my heart to truly see it all....Thanks for coming by my blog...God bless.

Jenna said...

Heather...thanks for stopping by Our Adventure with Boys. Your farm tour pictures are beautiful! Blessings...Jenna