Friday, February 28, 2014

Songs of Marriage

We tied white satin bows on the backs of one hundred chairs and the guys rigged scaffolds to hang the tulle. The place was set for an evening for the knot-tiers and better halves and life partners of our church. The stories behind the marriages of those who squeezed around rose-red clothed tables went mostly unspoken. But those committed relationships were honoured as Matthew and Sarah sang love songs that echoed the beating of the married hearts in the room. The young couple shared their sweet and difficult testimony and serenaded us with lyrics that were written of their love but ones with which my husband and I keenly identified. 
It was the words of the songs of marriage that stirred in me a desire to thank my Lord for the gift that my marriage has become and as we nodded in agreement to their beautiful voices, we clasped hands and counted another year of watching God write more music in us and through us.

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Anna said...

Beautiful, Heather! Your marriage is an inspiration to many!