Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's That Time Again

The sun begins to sink below the tallest of trees surrounding the field and I sigh a satisfied sigh. It's week two and my three girls are smiling as they charge the ball. That's a good sign. Soccer, in this league, is genius because all of my daughters practice and play on the same night on adjoining fields. I meander from team to team, cheering loudly and sometimes obnoxiously because it may be the last time for that particular child--until I make my rounds again. I take a few photographs, make sure each girl catches my wave, and all is well with our family.

After all the lugging balls, lawn chair, Oliver's sand toys and sweaty, thrown-off cleats back to the van, we "tailgate" it at Dairy Queen. It's so good that it's that time again.


Meghan said...

Oliver: little social butterfly :)

C Laman said...

Reachforth is awesome. Grew up playing Hockey in the league.

Emily's coach looks strikingly like Glen M from the side.

DQ is the perfect treat for hot nights. Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing.

Camille said...

Yippee for Spring! And ice cream!! What a fun Mommy. :)


The Carmodys said...

Looking forward to our season (same league - different location) starting this Saturday. Can't beat the convenience!


Anna said...

It's a rather crazy time, but I love your positive outlook (and the ice cream makes it worth it)! Why did Molly get switched? We'll miss her playing with Nicole.

Jolanna said...

What fun memories for your kids to remember! Jax starts soccer too this Sat. He can't wait! What could be better than soccer and icecream?