Friday, May 20, 2011

Mary Had A Little Goat

Or in this case, Brookie had a little goat :) Popping in at my sister's farm means we always drive away with a little piece of country life coursing through our veins and... a little bit of hay in our hair.
795. for Pudding , the goat
796. the way she treats her goat like a little dog, tricks and all
797. homemade farm equipment
798. small, prickly muzzles pushed through bars, searching for attention
799. how she warms the clutch
800. beautiful, smoothly shaped eggs--miracles!
801. learning where our breakfast comes from
802. examining--first science
803. wanting baby chicks instead of breakfast :) 804. kittens in abundance, always kittens
805. loving little balls of fluff we don't have to take home... but REALLY want to
806. picking a favourite
807. recess fun for girls
809. a niece who inspires my children to be brave and innovative

810. for gratitude that blankets me after a difficult week

811. the light of Jesus after the storm

812. for all of you who saw me through it


Anonymous said...

Blessings to you and your family, I pray that you recognize that you are working miracles through this blog everytime you post. God is using you and it shines through from your words.

Camille said...

Sweet, sweet post Heather! The farm visit looked wonderful! I enjoyed your list today. I trust you are feeling better?? :)


Kathy S. said...

Your sister has a VERY clean barn!! Sweet memories on this end again! My daughter loved chickens. I grew up on a dairy farm and the kitties were my favorite part! :)

Traci Michele said...

Oh my word! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures.

My favorite is the one titled "first science" -- that's learning at its best.