Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mothers Of These Children

The mothers of these children are best friends--and sisters. They laugh till they cry and they phone with exciting news. They share deep history and can quote all of The Rescuers and the lyrics to a thousand songs that shaped their childhood. They love to be together and don't miss a chance to plan an outing or class trip for all ten homeschooled babes. But these moms, they question their ability to be good moms--whatever that means. They cry as they rise again with a sick child and just don't have what it takes anymore. They complain about the messy state of their homes. They lay their heads down with guilt at the end of the day when they've been too hard on their little ones.But there's one thing the mothers of these children know... there is grace... and forgiveness... and wisdom, in abundance, if requested by the Creator of motherhood. These moms are learning to extend mercy to their children and in return, they're receiving mercy. Like that already-scraped-up one who falls out of the tree after being told not to climb again, these moms clamour to figure it out for themselves and read all the books when He's continually told them to lean on Him. They're slowly getting it. The mothers of these children fail but get back up again because they've seen how the other two have already walked wisely through that minefield (not necessarily the oldest first) They get to share and explain and lead each other to Jesus. The mothers of these children celebrated this day that is kept to honour mothers everywhere, but these ones have the same mom who rocked them, taught them, prayed over them and continues to guide them. Three very blessed mothers spent time together today and each became a little wiser just by the presence of the other two.
Happy Mother's Day to all of the women who have children and to all of the single women and others who love and mentor children who don't belong to them. I honour you and thank you!


Camille said...

*LOVED* this post Heather! What a blessing it is that the three of you homeschool and live near enough to one another to do field trips together. JOY!! Your children are blessed that they can grow up together. And...what a wonderful tribute to YOUR Mom who was instrumental in leading you to the ONE Who alone can lead us to Himself. Happy Mother's Day my friend.


Julze said...

Happy Mothers Day to you, Heather..God bless!

I was thinking the same thing yesterday...there are many woman who have not had children but are wonderfully nurturing as a female all the same.

God's Girl said...

Sweet pics of your babes and your sisters babes. They are His precious jewels.

Jolanna said...

As moms, we do need each other. "As iron sharpens iron..." What a blessing it is to have the love and support of fellow mamas (in your case your beautiful sisters) as we raise our babes together. Mothering is not always easy (as I am learning). I so appreciate the godly advise and prayers of other moms who are on this journey too. God intended us to encourage one another along the way. Thanks for such a beautiful post! You are a fabulous mom:)

Craig and Bethany said...

What a circle. I'm completely relieved that you all have the same struggles as me! (Why do I always get to thinking I'm the only one?) And you have each other. What a priceless gift.

Heather said...
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Mouse and Magoo said...

The oldest of those sisters is MY FAVOURITE!!!!


Love in Christ,
Meghan <3 <><