Monday, May 9, 2011

Strolling Through Mother's Day

783. quiet strolls in our greenhouses
784. how she knows the right angles for photos so I'm not the only one preserving memories :)
785. wisteria
786. how he adores driving around the peaceful fields at our farms
787. how I don't have to be concerned about them playfully running around this place on a Sunday
788. rows upon rows of new growth
789. how she can get lost in her own world
790. how dandelions trump beautiful and expensive flowers :)
791. Mother's Day... my way... here
792. colour--everywhere you look
793. the way she wrapped her arm around my daughter's shoulders as she talked with her lady friends after the service
794. how I can always count on her--always
794. my favourite mommas


contented sparrow said...

hello, i'm so glad that i clicked over from ann's. your list and photos, lovely. so peaceful...i felt like i was wandering the planted paths with you.
may you continue to see Him in all,

Anna said...

Love the dandelions!

jeana said...

What a beautiful day. Your pictures are stunning!


The Maretzki Family said...

Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you had such a fun weekend!

Cari said...

This last week, as I was planting some new plants in our yard, I was thinking how I'd LOVE a job in a nursery. I'd LOVE learning all about the plants and flowers that grow in this area. Your pictures are beautiful and tranquil. Thanks for sharing.

Camille said...

Wonderful post my friend! I enjoy peeking into your lives...I learn a littl more about you each time. :)


Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with you and your family, miss reading your inspirational blog.