Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waiting, What Is It Good For?

To fast and pray regularly for a particular friend in my life was not a difficult decision. Watching her suffer through the consequences of a terrible choice was the difficult part. Often when there's nothing left for us tiny people on this earth to do, we surrender all to God. But, what if surrendering first and waiting on His rescue is what will reap sometimes quicker and always longer-lasting results? His results? I struggle to provide my own answers and solve my own problems and when I finally default to prayer, I've made a mess of things. Thankfully, in His mercy, God comes alongside me in my prayer and fasting journey, dusts me off and whispers that He'll take it from here.

That's why this time, I'm witnessing the great out-pouring, the turn-around, the change in this precious friend's life. And I'm excited--and astounded--and humbled.

The waiting isn't so bad when you know the Master of the universe has it under control and that your prayers are aiding in the turning of a lost soul back to Him. Waiting on the Lord is when we take our hands off the wheel and allow Him to do the work in our situation. We "graft ourselves into the Vine" and fast and pray for fallen branches. Sometimes, we're earnestly seeking to get back to that Vine ourselves. Other times, we're being pruned. But the waiting? It's so good in the end! God never disappoints!


jeana said...

You're right! He never disappoints! I'm so glad your friend has a godly woman like you to fast, pray, and wait to see how God works. That is truly when we are free, when we let Him have it all.

Heather said...

Fasting and praying is a wonderful thing. Thanks for the beautiful post, again! Always inspiring to read.