Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My beautiful neighbour has four children under the age of eleven. She has always inspired me because she is a woman who loves with a passion. Ask her about her kids and her face lights up. She's always sharing about how they bless her, how wonderful they are. I've only heard the positive about her husband too. She's a tender soul who strives to be a loyal friend. She loves the Lord and prays for those around her because she is burdened for hurting people. My neighbour has a healthy outlook on life and a heart that beats for her family. My precious friend also has a brain tumour.
In the midst of pain, trial, suffering, and questioning God, she remains faithful to Him. I shake my head when I walk away from her home, wondering how she makes it through one more day. There are some very bad days, to be sure, but somehow, His strength enables her to smile, share a hug... go on.

Dear, sweet Jill, when the rest of us are complaining about our circumstances, whining about our colds, nit-picking about our families, teach us to love each other, cherish each other. Teach us how to be healthy.

Continuing to lift you up for a mighty miracle.

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