Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not For Me...

Do you pray fervently for others while your own requests lurk in a secret corner, untouched by the Lord? Do you truly have faith in the power behind your words of petition when it comes to your loved ones, but you can't seem to believe God wants to heal your life? Do you feel unworthy of His love and restoration? We read in Scripture that Paul was a murderer of Christians, that Peter denied Christ, that David committed adultery, and these were a few of God's most faithful followers.
Why is it that you feel your "junk" separates you from His heart more than that of others? That somehow our Great God judges your life a little harsher? You believe His divine touch and even miracles are for anyone who asks--except you.

Oh, so many of us feel this way! We feel ugly, undeserving, and unlovable. We think, How could God look at me as usable? Why would He want to choose me?

But He did choose you. He loves you and knew all about who you'd be before you were born. He took you back after you fell away, just as Hosea embraced his wife after she betrayed him (read this beautiful story in the book of Hosea). His thoughts of you are precious (Psalm 139:17a). Is this deep love only for certain people? Do you get to decide who is worthy? He already made it clear in His Word that we are all unworthy without the sacrifice of Jesus to bridge the gap between us and God. If you've accepted that sacrifice, everything He offers is for you. Trust it and embrace this truth today.

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sgm said...

Thank you for the reminder of His love, no matter what we do we are always His! Your words are so appropriate for all that read this today!