Tuesday, July 14, 2009


2009. Here we are somewhere along the timeline of His Story. Since the beginning, God has demonstrated His love for His people. He created humans in His image, protected, cared for, and disciplined His children throughout the Old Testament and sent His only Son to rescue His loved ones from themselves and from their enemy in the New Testament. He gave us His Holy Spirit so we could know Him intimately through His Word. He left us the book of Revelation to give us hope for our future. It's not over. He's not finished with us and He didn't leave us to fend for ourselves.
God's amazing plan carries us through the generations until we meet Him face to face. Our comfort is in knowing that none of this life is in vain, but while we're here we have a job to do. We must care for the orphans and widows, bear the burdens of others so that we will be healed, draw the "lost" to His arms. We are His hands and feet. That is how He's designed it. We must stop looking at the injustices of the world as hopeless, but instead, roll up our sleeves and do the loving. We are the church and whatever "sphere of influence" we've been given, we must serve in it. So as we live out each minute, hour, and day, let us be mindful that our place on this journey called life has meaning and purpose. We are part of His Story.

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