Monday, September 28, 2009

What I'll Miss

By and by (as my Grandma used to say), the children will grow up. On this Monday full of gratitude, these are the things I am thankful for and will surely miss (although parents of older children tell me it gets even better :)

*Thankful for tiny kitchens with four year-old chefs who say, "I'm practicing being a parent".

*Thankful for finding this display on a bulletin board--remnants of what gives one particular child joy!

*for devotionals for little people

*for "tubby toys"

*for this little piggy that comes before the real bank

*for the ugly, fuzzy chairs they adore so much

*for the need to talk about the date and weather

*for the need to still use blocks for counting

*thankful that crayons are a still a big part of our lives

*thankful that this creepy doll is lovely to them
Lord, when I complain about the whining, the inability to use the toilet, the need to be carried all the time, etc. remind me again of these precious qualities that I will miss when my children are grown. Thank You for the unbelievable gift you've given me in my children.

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading your list. That doll is indeed creepy, but what what makes them happy is all that counts right? :)

Pure Perseverance said...

This is a great list of gratitude! I was cracking up and understood at the same time ;o). Precious, really. Your prayer is a good reminder to me. So true. I'm in agreement with you.

Dancing Princess said...

Yep! I'm with you girls! That's one creepy baba! And if you think about it, it's even worst that I have to live wiith it! The only thing I like about it is that it came from my special great mama.


Annie said...

did you say "ugly fuzzy" in your outdoor voice????
I laughed out loud!!!!!
You might be in big fat trouble

Anonymous said...

I miss YOU!