Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer's End

We're scrambling to create a few more memories. We've had a great summer and as excited as we are for school to begin, we can't let go of this wonderful season. Although this photo was taken in the spring, it reminds me that once in awhile, I can let the schedule go and make something special wherever we are. These are our kindred friends who helped form a memory that my children still talk about. Isn't that what makes childhood enjoyable? When I think about my fondest memories, they're often simple things and would perhaps, have seemed insignificant to my parents. I cherish them and attach them to who I became as an adult.
If I keep this in mind as I go throughout the year, I will be able to bless my children's growing characters. Simple is significant and whether it be a picnic while we learn our memory work, a walk in the woods for nature study, a visit to Daddy at work, or sitting in a new location for math, my children gobble up every bite of fresh excitement. So at summer's end, we will enjoy a day in the park with our cousins and who knows what else? God's provision of protection and health has blessed us immeasurably and we want to relish in the life He's given us!

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