Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let Me Be Your Teacher

What can make a four year-old girl, born third of four children, feel very wise and important? When her two year-old brother gazes at her adoringly as though she holds the world's knowledge in her hands.
Emily poised herself beside Oliver as he plunked the narrow keys with his chubby fingers. In perfect imitation of our beloved piano teacher, Mrs. Beth Anger, Emily sweetly remarked about his excellent "skill" and gently guided his "blunders". In perfect harmony, these little ones of mine sat and played teacher and student for quite awhile. Isn't this what family is all about? We take the hand of the one below us as we look to the one above us and only then are we able to experience a daily rhythm that binds us together in unity.

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Annie said...

I love love love this picture....and that last sentence is just as beautiful!!!