Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Broken Hearts

They are there, everywhere I look--heartbroken women. If I don't actually speak with them, I see it in their eyes. Some of them laugh, hiding silent anguish, some of them can't help but wear it on their faces. These ones are done. Done with the hurt, done with the abuse, done with the loneliness, done with the pain. Some of them know the One who can help them, they've been brought up with this knowledge. Others don't understand why the people sitting in pews under tall steeples call Him, Lord.

Dear, precious woman, I am writing to tell you that God knows your name, He knows the number of hairs on your head, he is collecting your tears, He aches to heal you. Whether you've never known Him or you've turned a deaf ear because some hypocritical Christian tainted Him in your mind, reach out to Him. He is the One who created you and longs to have a relationship with you. He alone can fill the void inside, wash away the apathy, the hardness that you've built around your heart for protection. He will never fail you or betray you.
God is waiting for you to take a step toward Him. He's always been there. It's in taking that step, the one that releases your control of your life (as much as you feel out of control) to Him. Just talk to Him and tell Him you're done with the garbage you've been handed or the garbage you have gathered yourself. Tell Him you don't know what else to do and you need Him. Rest in Him. He'll give you the peace you've been longing for. As you begin to seek Him, the Bible says you will find Him. Then, He'll take those wounds and heal them and show you a way through the pain to the end of that long, dark tunnel.

Bless you on your journey. I know it works, dear Sister, I've been there too.


Anonymous said...

Heather, you are so lovely, so kind, so giving. A very prophetic blog! Love you xo

Heather said...

I didn't read it, but I bet it's good!

(That's 'cause all of your posts are good!)