Thursday, August 27, 2009


You're moving in me. It's taken a long time for me to allow it but it's happening. Funny how I've begged and pleaded for years for Your touch, Lord, but was unwilling to receive it if it had strings attached. Wow, it's new to let go and let You have Your perfect way. It actually works! I feel it spilling into every area of me, every corner of my heart. It's not scary anymore-the trusting, the letting go; it's freeing. And above all, it's going to give me unspeakable joy. Thanks for being patient with me and for loving me enough to stick around until I learned Your way was best. I've been stuck in this pit for so long that the sunshine is almost blinding, but oh, it feels good!


sgm said...

Thanks for the reminder to stop decorating our own pits and staying there, we all need out!

Meggie-Mouse said...

At first I thought we were actually moving! But then I thought that you would of had a picture of packing or something like that! Thanks for using the picture I took!

LoVe YoU!