Monday, October 26, 2009

1000 Gifts and Beyond

I may not always get around to writing down my "Multitude Monday" blessings but I am ever aware of these daily gifts from God that make this journey of life a little easier. My previous post about my daughter's art is the number one thing that gave me joy today. Just walking by that precious little sausage-type person makes me smile. Here are some others...

*thankful for others who are thankful! What a wonderful name for a store!

* for play-dough love

*for new skills

*for autumn harvest

*for dinner-time fun

*for "The Rock"-a wonderful musical in Shipshewana, Indiana

*for my "peeps"-awesome in-laws who make me laugh till my sides hurt

*for special treasures that once were hidden

*for recess time

And beyond...

*candles that smell like baking

*the smell of actual baking

*giving gifts

*little girls playing "store" or "house" or "zookeepers"

*a little boy whose cars each have their own personalities in his play

*a husband who is willing to homeschool while I'm away

*cold autumn turned warm :)

*oldest daughter's girls' group-much laughter and learning

*friends who are good accountability

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...

holy experience


deb said...

loved the playdough picture. Oh the memories.
Great list..

Pure Perseverance said...

I, too, like the playdough love, lol. Too cute. I like the name of the store. Perfect. It's even a blessing to realize how blessed we are. Ya know?