Saturday, October 17, 2009

Slowing Down

At, Ann Voskamp inspires us to slow down as she soaks up "Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions For Frenzied Families", a book by Ann Kroeker. As I take my children on our regular nature walk (this time along Mama and Papa's back woods), we look close, really close at tidbits of creation that amaze us. When we're out in the big, wide world, everything else seems to fade away. God communes with those who slow down, listen and take note of who He is by this awesome general revelation. We truly want to know Him!


Traci Michele said...

Beautiful Pictures Heather!! Love it!


Pure Perseverance said...

{Slow inhale}. Thank you. Just peaceful. This is where the good stuff is!

Pure Perseverance said...

Hey there! I have given you an award because you have blessed me. Come by and check it out ;o)

sgm said...

Slowing down and absorbing what we so easily miss. You my friend capture in words and photographs what we all need to be reminded of daily, thank you.

Camille said...

Your blog is beautiful! I found you from "Holy Experience". I love your pictures and the thoughtful words you lovely. Thank you for sharing.