Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day Eleven: Lest We Forget

She slapped my hand when I sat down beside her at Bible Study this morning. I flashed her a quizzical look and she chided, "Where's your poppy?" I promised her I'd purchased several from the boy standing in front of the grocery store but they fell off. Poor excuse. It is Remembrance Day and I dared to be seen in public without donning the crimson symbol to honour my country's brave men and women. To make matters worse, my friend was a former medic in the military. She was slightly offended by my carelessness, but she forgave me. Later, a two minute period of silence to remember those who fought valiantly for our freedom and then off to continue with our day.
Our nursery sign and the church sign both read, "Lest We Forget". Driving past, the message brought me back to pray for our soldiers, for their families, for our country. The Holy Spirit drew my mind to another sacrifice that delivered freedom for our souls. We'd just celebrated Jesus' death and resurrection with communion on Sunday. (Luke 22:17-20) Lest we forget. Could we possibly? I imagined the families of the war-torn perished ones. They'll never forget and probably hate the indifference of some on this special day. God gave His Son so we could be united with Him eternally, so that we didn't have to pay the price for our own sin. How could we forget? Why do we wait for Christmas and Easter or Communion to even act like we care, that we remember?
Prayer gives us the opportunity to tell the One who died to rescue us, that we remember. What's more, we get to communicate and hear what instruction He has for us and to hear His encouragement for the day. Pray, lest you forget.
practicing prayer (2005)

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