Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day Twenty-Nine: Too Busy Not To Pray

I'm behind on writing the last two blog posts (even though I like to re-set them for the correct date :). I've been busy scuffling around the house, purging and cleaning and clearing space for painters who are freshening up our home. It's a fun and rewarding task because it's much needed and it feels so good to pare down. Always. Pray is just like that. It's a way to listen, organize, clear out, simplify. We offer up our junk to the Lord and become open to Him changing our ideas, our hearts, our daily plans and voila--freshened up with new strength and inspiration in place of monotony, anxiety, and hustling. All that good stuff makes us too busy not to pray.

Prayer is not something that is neglected when I'm busy; it's focused time with God. Intimate, intentional time changes our prayers, as I've mentioned in earlier posts. So, although whispering requests and worship throughout the day is necessary, our busy lives warrant the attention that draws us to our knees and into God's Word. I know it because I've suffered without it. There will be days where this is impossible, but making a commitment to return to a daily quiet time pays in copious dividends. In this day and age, we are too busy not to pray!

 Ashanti's third birthday!
Keeping six little girls busy for a couple of hours is no easy task, but with crafts, chalking on the driveway, decorating cupcakes our crazy cat and lots of giggles, the party turned out well :)
Birthday Girl
 Love this kid!
"Grandma" Nancy
 With Mommy
 Mommy and Ashanti
 I asked Valerie to bring some Ivorian dishes that would be served at a party--delicious!
 Three years old!
All her besties! (Mayan-second from left)

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