Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day Five: Journaling Prayer

Draw them back to You, Lord! They need You sooo much! Their circumstances are drowning them! The words lifted from the page with three-dimensional power. How had I been over and over my journal and missed it? He had drawn them back. I'd come to my quiet time with a heavy heart about something else and Jesus took me back to a prayer request that He'd answered and I hadn't noticed. Of course, it was exactly what I needed in that moment. My faith was restored and a renewed joy and vigour took the place of despair. I praised Him for leading me to remember. Sure, He could have brought that thing to my mind, but because I learned to journal my prayers at a young age, I had an invaluable resource at my fingertips--written answers to things I'd agonized through and begged for change. Change crept in, every so slowly--or sometimes shockingly quickly--and I'd scratch down the miracle of it all--or not. In this case, I forgot to give God the glory. He'd done just what I'd prayed because it was His will that this family be saved. I just didn't notice when it actually happened. Tears came to my eyes and I was so grateful for my prayer journal. 

 Meg pointing out the details of God's creation to Ashanti

Something similar occurred in ancient times. King Xerxes couldn't sleep so he summoned for his servant to read him the book which chronicled his reign. (Esther 6)  There, in those pages was recorded how a man named Mordecai saved the king's life by exposing an evil scheme. But Mordecai hadn't been rewarded for his loyalty. Xerxes was quick to set things right. He was glad for the written word which didn't allow for negligence in giving glory where glory was due. 

Beyond recording answered prayer, journaling can be used to write down what you feel the Lord is saying to you through His Word or as you meditate and be still. Listening to God's voice and trusting that you are hearing as Samuel did will enrich your prayer time. Sometimes the voice is almost audible and other times, He speaks to your heart and you just know your thoughts are not your own. Write it all down, pray for revelation and confirmations that what you feel He shared with you is true and real. God never says something that would contradict the Bible but He may confirm what He's saying through other people. Always make sure it aligns with Scripture. Keeping a prayer journal is a tool you will be thankful you kept!

Oliver and his buddy settling in for a quiet movie after much running and jumping and playing


MAMA said...

I was waiting for this entry, Heather - Thank you!
My journaling is often (almost daily) scribbles around, beside and underneath my "Jesus Calling" devotional. Always, God is Faithful!
Have the BEST day, ever! Love, Mom xo

MAMA said...

PS: I like the "way" you journal. I'm going to take your advice and pray for revelation. Also, Esther 6 is One of my favourite passages. I forced myself to read Numbers and Chronicles and found such richness! xo

Heather said...

Well, my journaling prayer is straight from YOU, Mom! :)