Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day Three: To Whom Are You Praying?

As I enter into prayer, there's nothing that changes my heart more than beginning with worship. Why? I worship because of Who I am praying to. Do you know the One who hears you? Do you know how worthy He is to receive your praise and honour? (Revelation 4:8) Please watch this video and remember that as your prayers commence with the typical, Dear Lord, or Heavenly Father, that you are truly having a conversation with the Creator and Master of the universe; the One who made you and loves you. He sent His Spirit to live in you so you could know Him more, be comforted, be taught,  and be guided through this crazy life. Worship is a good place to start. Once you tell Jesus all the reasons you think He's amazing, you can then commence your list of petitions to Him. I guarantee you'll have new perspective post-worship, before ever making a single request. (John 4:23, Matthew 6:5-14)


MAMA said...


MAMA said...

Heather, so true. Recently, as I say "grace" I've been stopping myself, taking a moment to consider God, realizing its GOD, I'm praying too, not just rattling off a quick "thank you" to anyone but to the very GOD of the universe!

Heather said...

Great word, Mom!