Friday, November 27, 2015

Day Twenty-Seven: Miracles

You are the God who performs miracles;
You display you power among the peoples.
(Psalm 77:14)

The doctor told them their unborn son had severe hydrocephalus and would some suffer brain damage. They could clearly see with their own untrained eyes that he was correct. They rallied prayer partners and fervently lifted up their baby to the Lord for healing and received a peace that passes all understanding. They just knew he'd be okay. When Jaden was born, he was perfect. The tests they ran after his birth showed evidence of what would have been the sac where the swelling had been on his brain. The doctors were confounded. 
Marcus lay in a vegetative state in an astronaut-type suit as the physicians raised his temperature slowly as not to disturb his head. He had fallen down the stairs and smashed the back of his skull seven weeks after getting married. It was a true test of "for better or for worse" for his young wife. People prayed on every continent and much to the shock of the professionals who cared for him, he healed rapidly with no lasting damage to his brain.
After learning of the affair, people said she should leave her husband. She lay in fetal position day after day, eating nothing. When she mustered some strength, she turned to the Lord in prayer and begged for His intervention. The wholeness and love for her husband that resulted from deep intercession for her marriage was palpable. His commitment and affection returned and years later, they are helping separated couples fall in love again. 
She never had enough money for simple things like gas in her car. Her kids missed opportunities to go on special trips that their friends attended. But, when they were down to their last bag of milk or loaf of bread, she prayed and someone knocked on the door with a few bags of groceries. As years went by, mentors came alongside her children and offered to pay for camps and lessons. In hindsight, they could all see how prayer always rescued them in their most desperate moments. 

There are inexplicable happenings that can only be attributed to the outcome of petitioning a Heavenly Father. I've witnessed it myself and experienced healing in my own body directly after being prayed for. Jesus is alive and well and the miracles He performed on earth are still being accomplished today. God has been doing wonders since He created the world. Don't give up on prayer. My sister-in-law passed away after we prayed for years, but I'd just as zealously and faithfully pray for the next loved one. We don't know why the Lord chooses to cure some and not others in this life, but He promises one day they will surely be healed. Our joy and hope rests in the fact that my sister-in-law is with Jesus completely whole. Because He does heal many here, we must persevere and trust that what the Lord wills is exactly what is best. 

 Look-alike cousins
 found kitten--we gave him to a loving home
 first 5 minute piano lesson
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