Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cousins Make Math More Meaningful

They aim to please, especially when it means that completing their math pages results in a longer recess time with their cousins :) My sister's four children were here to do their schoolwork with us again and somehow it makes each subject more meaningful. When an older one sits beside you and computes numbers you've never seen, well, that just spurs you on to do your own work to appear "big" too. I witnessed this phenomenon with each of my children who all have at least one cousin older than them. At times, you could have heard a pin drop with all eight of them in our little school room. Math becomes more meaningful, not to mention our morning message for Language Arts and Bible Time. They get along famously, most of the time, and somehow manage to include each other in their outdoor play as well. At lunchtime, all eight of our children performed a little dance for my sister and I, even the oldest, Jacob, to humour his dramatic cousins. Have I mentioned lately that I love homeschooling? :)


Camille said...

How wonderful that you have these opporuntities!! How precious it is that the LORD has called you and your sister to homeschool!! I'm so happy for you and your children to have others in the extended family to do these special days with!!

AND...your schoolroom is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)


Craig and Bethany said...

My sister-in-law has four too! Our oldest are just starting school, but I can totally see doing this same thing. In fact, they are coming for the evening in a few moments. Aren't cousins the BEST?!