Thursday, November 11, 2010

Every Day Is Dress-Up Day

In these here parts, every day is dress-up day. Halloween night usually means we go with our cousins and stop at our favourite neighbours', who love to see the kids, then off to Grandma's and then onto the church for the Harvest Party. This year, all of the kids, as well as, my husband were not feeling well. I had just returned home from my retreat two hours before and they just had to dress up anyway! We didn't end up going to the church, which is a twenty-five minute drive for us but we did manage to visit a few people with our beautiful butterflies, Egyptian princess and little cowboy :)
But, it wouldn't matter what day it was, these children of mine love nothing more than dressing up and play-acting. We've joined a homeschool theatre group and are presenting Peter Pan in June. This will feel quite natural to my children as they dance about as some new character a few times a day. My husband and I have no lack of entertainment.
Now, if only someone would come and make all this candy disappear!


Anna said...

They look adorable! Who needs Halloween, when you can play dress up any time?!!

Karen said...

Hey Heather, I love the picture.. and I love dress up.. my grand daughter is almost 3 and she isnt into dress up tooo much,,but i am hoping to change her mind as she gets a little older..
have a blessed weekend.. talk to ya again real soon

The Maretzki Family said...

Love the Egyptian princess. . . .

Camille said...

OH they do look wonderful!! Tell them I think their costumes are great!!

I wish I lived nearer so we could come see "Peter Pan"...what an adventure!

We will be right over to help out with the candy. ;-)


Craig and Bethany said...

Haha-ha! Isn't dress up wonderful? Who needs TV when you've got an on going pageant?! :) Wish we could go to Peter Pan!